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The Sinclair Station museum is under new ownership, has been closed and is no longer open for visitation or photoshoots.

This Cassopolis lot had been vacant for over 30 years and condemned by the city when Dr. Roger Pecina renovated the vacant building into a 1950s replica Sinclair gas station museum in Cassopolis, MI.


The entire property and much of the autos and memorabilia on site are now the property of the Cassopolis Historical Restoration Group, the non-profit started by Dr. Pecina several years ago.

Dr. Pecina allowed only two reproduction pieces inside the DX station vacant for 30 years — a Roger’s Garage sign “since 1952,” the year he was born, and a personalized can. A yardstick came from Atkinson’s Chevrolet dealership next to the 1899 courthouse. A radio to listen to baseball, a Life magazine with Dr. Martin Luther King on the cover, a sign promoting S&H green stamps, are all true to the period.

There is a dispatch desk with a 1952 calendar, CB radio, book matches and a service board chalking appointments for service or repairs.

Classic Police Cruiser
Sinclair Station
Sinclair Office
When Gas was Affordable!
An Easier Time!
Pumping Gas!
Get Your Gas!
Out Front of Sinclair Station
Night at Sinclair Station
Car Getting a Tune-Up!
Everything is from the period!
All Classic Items!
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