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Historical Renovation Project 


Holden Green, which feels like a Prohibition speakeasy in the turn-of-the-century Cassopolis post office, offers a private refuge with a 38-foot bar salvaged in South Bend and incorporating Chris Craft boat controls. Buzzers concealed under the bar every five feet alerted patrons to hide their alcohol or gambling numbers if cops came. Dr. Pecina has a numbers box that contained tickets players filled out. The back bar contains a secret compartment.

A shuffleboard table, claw-footed blackjack and roulette tables and a pool table are featured in a private game-room off the antique ice cream parlor and incorporates a complete feeling of a 1920’s “speakeasy”.


The clock, which “works like a charm,” used to tell time at a dance hall in Buffalo, N.Y. There’s a time clock to punch in back, a phone with a dial tone to summon a taxi and a cigarette machine from Cleveland. Overhead, a chandelier of fans. Don't forget the lights from the movie "Risky Business".

Private Outdoor Patio
Enjoy A Game of Pool
The beautiful bar
Enjoy the classic ice cream parlor!
Roomy & Spacious Design
Beautiful lighting & windows
The centerpiece of the bar
Blackjack Table with your friends
Your Family will Love it Here!
Lots of Games for Entertainment!
Your Friends Will Love it Here!
Recognize this from Risky Business?
Ice Cream?
We All Scream for Ice Cream!
You Won't Want to Leave!
Hours of Fun!
Holden Green Tavern
Newest Game Room!
Seating Galore!
Decorate Your Own Special Way!
New Outdoor Patio Seating
Party Time!
Ready to play?
Boys Night!
Ladies gather round!
Holden Green- The Place to Party!
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